Hello world…

It turns out I have an irrational fear of blogging. So…I’ve started a blog! I’ll try to write a proper ‘about’ section at some point when I’m feeling brave, but for now here’s a small introduction. I’ve found that one of the things I’m most afraid of, and yet most inspired by in others, is real, honest soul-baring. I’m drawn to people who are open about their thoughts, feelings and struggles to become better people. Their integrity makes others feel able to open up and take off their ‘masks’ too, and so openness and real relationships and shared struggles for a better world spread as a result. I want to break down some of the walls I’ve built around my own soul so I can hopefully inspire others to do the same…but it terrifies me! I set myself a challenge at the beginning of this year to do it anyway, and since blogging is a form of soul-baring, and one I’m afraid of, I felt the need to start this blog. If it does nothing else, I hope it will be part of the process of freeing my own soul from fear. 🙂


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