Maybe… God has bigger plans for me than ‘success’…

Maybe… it’s just possible that all my failures and dead-ends were times God has saved me from it…

Maybe… I’ve been saved time and again from ‘successful’ careers that would have killed me…

Maybe it keeps me small and dependent.

Maybe the plan is more interesting and creative than ‘success’.

Maybe self-doubt is healthier than self-reliance…

If I choose every day to care, if I choose every day to hold on to my calling, if I push for what is right and meaningful, whatever the result…

Maybe I’ll never know my impact in this life…


8 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. Rebecca Foster

    I struggle with these issues a lot. We feel like failures in the eyes of the world a lot of the time: past 30 and no kids; not on the property ladder; no long-term career prospects. As you say, maybe it’s time to redefine success.


    1. autumndaisyhw Post author

      Yep – and then it becomes so hard not to feel a failure in your own eyes. But then if my life amounted to nothing except nice job, nice kids, nice house, company car 😉 … no soul, no creativity, leaving little positive impact on the world … I don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m succeeding in either direction! But then from our own perspective we can’t see our impacts. We just have to keep following. 🙂


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