Greetings from The Wonderlands!


A whole world composed entirely of Jon Foreman songs? Yes please! 😉 Greetings from The Wonderlands! It’s beautiful here, and me and my ears are having a great time. I think I was born here, I feel like a native 🙂

It’s been a fantastic, if crazy, couple of weeks following the man himself on tour across Europe, right at the same time The Wonderlands project began to be released into this world, and it really has transported me there. Lake swimming and climbing (The Mountain..?) in the sun, evenings spent catching up with friends or watching the sun set over a festival stage, storms and trains and surrealness in the middle of the night, watching so many sunrises over cities and mountains and orchards… and sweaty, dirty rock shows and magical ‘campfire’ singalongs with new family and the patron saint of rock and roll himself 🙂

I am a memory millionaire. I’m now on my way back to the UK in body, but very much staying here in spirit; you’re going to have a hard time dragging me back!

PS – No idea what I’m talking about? Look at this, read this, then listen to this 🙂


2 thoughts on “Greetings from The Wonderlands!

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