My tour of The Wonderlands, part 4: Munich

(Part 3 here)

Munich, 2nd June

Two shows in two days: Intense! I really don’t know how the guys do this night after night, it’s pretty crazy even for us! We had a half day to explore Munich – apparently the thing to do was, ironically, to go to the Chinese tower in the English Garden(!), so we did, and got some food and drink in the beer garden whilst we were there. Bizzarely, it turns out people surf on standing waves in the river running through the garden, and we went to watch for a while; M guessed, correctly as it turned out, that that was where the band had spent the morning before the show, though we were there too late to catch them attempting it.


All the shows had been different but this show had a totally different feel this time. It was a really odd venue, a club in a whole huge complex of clubs, bars and takeaways, with no crowd barrier (we were literally up against the stage – I was right in front of Tim this time), but also nothing whatsoever for climbing! 😦 Both the crowd and the venue were far too sensible, and the guys ended up staying back on stage too much. However, since they had been surfing on the river (at least, attempting to!), a new discovery for them as well as us, they were really super happy and relaxed on stage. They just seemed overjoyed to have unexpectedly had the chance to go surfing, in Germany!


And it was great – we got Only Hope played aftershow-style in the middle of the crowd, my ‘I can feel the ocean’ banner got taken on stage as well as the ‘Where I Belong’ banner, getting more smiles from the guys.


Where I Belong made me really emotional at the end; it all felt so finite. I just leant right onto the stage and watched through tears as they played.

There was an unannounced aftershow afterwards, which M got to join us for again 🙂 Jon just came out to the waiting crowd and played on a sort of bench outside one of the other bars, it was beautiful. He played us Caroline, Lean On Me (so beautiful!), 24, The Moon Is A Magnet (for the beautiful full moon – video here, the only film I took at an aftershow since they were such precious moments), and Your Love Is Strong, with everyone singing along, it was a really lovely moment 🙂


This time I got the embroidered t-shirt signed. That felt a bit strange. I’d made a real point about trying to do everything on his terms and not take anything he didn’t give, to just give him affirmation (though that did require me taking a little of his time…), and I’m always uneasy about the amount of people trying to touch him, take pictures with him, get things signed…now I’m one of them 😛 Some other fans told him they were going to be at Mannheim and I said I was too, and he asked if we had any requests; I said Amateur Lovers, and the look on his face..! He looked so taken aback that I’d brought that one up, and he said they’d have to totally relearn it and would be like a Switchfoot cover band 😀 Never mind, at least I asked! It was pretty funny, and also pretty funny he’d asked me for requests – I could reel him off such a list!

I left with intense feelings of happiness and sadness all at the same time – it had first come on during the first show, but now felt really powerful. Posting about it on facebook got me diagnosed with ‘Post Concert Depression’! That would be a new one for me, since I never entirely came down after the Post Concert High I got from seeing them the first time nearly four years ago. We’ll see how it pans out; it was incredibly bittersweet but I majorly had the happies to see that Jon was feeling the love I was bringing.

I was also left with a dilemma; I felt there was more I wanted to say to say thank you (not like I hadn’t said it enough..!), but I wasn’t sure if it would make me too much of an annoying and desperate fangirl to write Jon another letter in addition to the one I’d already given him in Edinburgh, plus I wasn’t guaranteed a chance to hand it to him. After much deliberation I decided to give it a try, since there wasn’t much to lose and still love to give; I made a card with the same design as my ‘thank you’ banner, and tried to keep what I had to say sensible.

A song for part 4


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