Dirt and eagles 3

Here is a meditative activity I’ve used myself, and with groups, as a way of shifting perspective, and praying for a seemingly overwhelming global issue:


Psalm 121:1-2 – I look to the mountains; where will my help come from? My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.


Imagine yourself going walking somewhere mountainous. As you start out in the valley, the valley sides loom above you and seem impossibly high. You cannot see beyond them. Imagine these foothills as the ‘stuff’ that’s currently going around in your mind, obscuring the bigger picture. Acknowledge the things that are concerning you, and the things going on immediately around you in your life – in work, health, relationships – and leave it all in God’s hands for now…

As you climb these foothills, and reach their peaks, you see that there are bigger mountains, some climbable perhaps, others not so. Imagine these mountains to be great global disasters, situations of injustice, harmful systems and structures of the world, and acknowledge them…

When you look at the aerial view of the terrain you are passing through on a map, you see how big the region of mountains is compared with the valley you stood in to start with.

Now consider the view from where you are standing of the sky as it would be at night, the many stars, nebulae and galaxies… Try to open yourself up to imagine the earth in the solar system… in the galaxy… in the universe…how small we are, and how big it all is…

God, made the heavens, and the earth…

God is bigger than the universe! Dwell on that thought…

Now think about who God is, about God’s attributes – maybe spend a few moments jotting down as many as you can think of – and allow yourself to be drawn into worship of that great Goodness…

From this wide perspective, slowly imagine yourself back down to the mountains. Focus in on one peak, one issue (eg, the refugee crisis). Reimagine the situation (in your mind, on paper, through art etc – but no ranting about how things ‘should’ be at this stage!)… Keep one eye on the situation as you do this, and one eye on the Infinite Possibility who is God… As you reimagine, pray ‘Let it be’ in your heart.


1 Cor 12:27 – All of you are Christ’s body, and each one is a part of it.

We work alongside Christ in His saving work of re-creating the world and bringing in His Kingdom. Finish with an act of commitment to work towards the new world you have imagined, as far as you are able, in His grace.



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