Helen’s statement in court

On Tuesday, myself and four other Christian activists were found guilty of criminal damage for our whitewash action last year, and given small fines. But we are extremely thankful we had a sympathetic judge and were given all the time we wanted to each make our case fully, the fine was not as large as feared, and a big crowd of amazing supporters turned up and even stood in the rain for us to show us solidarity! We feel very blessed!

Christian Climate Action

This is my legal argument in court; for more about my motivation, see my previous post here.

We were taking part in a small, peaceful protest, and what we did was reasonable under the circumstance, therefore it was not criminal damage. I’m going to outline what the circumstances were, and why I feel that our actions under these circumstances were reasonable.

  1. The circumstances

Climate change – is the biggest threat to our country and global society we face. It’s not about trees and polar bears, somewhere far away in time and space; it is already affecting global health and agriculture, and is affecting the world’s most vulnerable people badly today. It impacts all areas of society – security, the economy, health, migration, agriculture, trade – and is worsening and becoming harder and costlier to deal with the longer we take to act. It is increasingly costing real, human lives…

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