Cosmic washing lines

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the night sky recently, watching the Perseid meteors, the beautiful full moon, and admiring the Milky Way whilst on a camping trip and on long walks home after dark from various adventures. The more time I’ve spent looking at it, the crazier it seems. I had one of those incredible shifts of perspective on one such evening, where you suddenly realise you’re standing on a planet hanging in the vastness of space, looking out across the galaxy and seeing unimaginably huge and distant burning stars… it’s just breathtakingly mind boggling!

And then I see myself and my surroundings in that cosmic context. Stood in the overgrown and rather messy back garden of my house, on a very mundane housing estate, looking out at the vastness of the universe we are flying through… through a tangle of plastic washing lines!!

How does this all make sense?! How can our ordinary, everyday, washing line-filled lives be a part of this same, grand, immense universe as all those stars?

And yet, we are connected. We are a part of it. We, and our washing line lives, are in space, with the stars. And our God made every part of it, a part of the whole, including us, including the stars, and sees every part of it, including us, including the stars, and cares about every part of it – including us, including the stars.

We are tiny and insignificant, and we matter.


Here’s a song on a similar train of thought…



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