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The week before, part two

I have plans next week. Big plans!

Two years ago, I was freaking out in anticipation ahead of my first trip following Switchfoot on tour round Europe, and meeting them for the first time. And… I’m doing it again!

Switchfoot are addictive. The first time I saw them they were so much better than I even hoped that I vowed I would do my best to see them as much as possible from then on. They are not over this side of the Atlantic all that often so I had a while to wait, but two years ago I finally got that chance, and I grasped it, seeing them five times. And next week they are back! And I am incredibly blessed to have the chance to keep my word and follow them again. I have tickets to see them play seven shows over the two week long tour, in six different countries!

It feels different this time, in so many ways. For one thing, since this past year or so has thrown a little bit of unpleasant anxiety into the mix, I’ve not been enjoying the adrenalin quite so much as last time, although I’ve had some really giddy moments where I’ve thought about meeting Switchfoot again and seeing them play live, and had to take some deep breaths! On the other hand, I am calmer; this won’t be my first time meeting them this time, I’m not starting from scratch. I’m also not expecting things to work out so near-perfectly this time around. Some incredibly special things happened last time; memories with my husband, friends, Switchfoot, and the sky, and encounters with God, that can never be replicated. I’m excited to see what does happen, but whatever that is, it won’t be the same. There’s more travel, more people, more logistics this time round; packing more shows into actually a shorter period of time, all in different countries, going in and out of the continent three times, and meeting up with different fans for each show, all means there is more that could go wrong! The planning has been very stressful at times. On the other hand, we do have a plan! I was reminded the other day that this time two years ago we had only just sorted out our travel and accommodation for Germany, whereas we had most of the itinerary planned out months ago (thanks to J my travel buddy!). There’s the fact my husband is not coming with me. We had the best times last time, but he took one look at my insane schedule and said no! We’re meeting up for one show, but that was enough for him. Instead, I’ll be travelling with my best and craziest fellow megafan, which should be fun! We can be quite a pair. I hope Switchfoot are ready for this…!

And I have changed so much as a fan. I was almost completely new to Switchfoot concerts and the fan relationship two years ago. Now I know what it’s like to be part of the (very extended) tour family, and I know not only the sort of practicalities to expect to the extent of being able to advise other fans, but also that what we’re doing could really mean something, really give something back to the band themselves. At least, I hope so. They’ve given so, so much to me over the years, I owe them this and much more.

Well. I’m packed. Yes there’s still a week to go, but I had to do it to stop the nerves building up enough to keep me up at night. I’ve packed all the important stuff (Oreos, jelly worms, soft toy cat, fake moustaches, glitter… you know). So now I’m left just counting down the days!

Yeah let’s do this!